Why this app?

The Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Center App is a repository of instructions, video tutorials, and tech tips that will help you achieve incredible results when using Cosmichrome products.

Let this App accompany you when applying Cosmichrome products. Whenever you have a question, simply use the search option, or browse through the app.

If you're still feeling stuck, you can always call or message Cosmichrome directly for free customer support!

The App is available in 5 different languages and works on any kind of device (Android, iPhone, tablet, and desktop/laptop computers).

Using the App is simple. Select the language of your choice from the MENU or HOME screen and start navigating the app! 

Some videos are restricted to clients of Cosmichrome, but there's still plenty of material to keep you busy learning about the spray chrome process, and new content gets added on a regular basis!

Don't delay your projects any longer!

Unveil all the secrets to achieving a perfect mirror finish with the Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Center App!